COLLAGENIZING® – the Biophysical Alternative to Pain and Needles in Skin Rejuvenation

Beauty is the fundamentally the expression of Vitality, the state of Being! The trillion-dollar Beauty Industry is thriving on the innate human craving to portray a state-of-wannabe – that what the Individual idolizes about the self. Makeup is targeting the day- and night care lifestyle-specific competitive appearance of the Individual. As we grow older, it takes much more time to achieve that Illusion that wears off after just a few hours, yet leaving behind the many toxins contained in these synthetic substances. Obviously, it is the craving of anyone to portray this enviable Looks naturally, without putting on anything – simply the reflectance of great health and vitality.

COLLAGENIZING® is – the carefully designed and time-proven answer to this dream. The concept has been designed to basically enhance the natural characteristic Appearance of an Individual – that what we call Beauty, reflecting the inner Vitality. Obviously, this goes well beyond putting on substances of cover and colors superficially, it thrives to strengthen the Vitality of the person and reflecting it. That is why COLLAGENIZING® works from the inside out, from the interstitial connective tissue, the extracellular matrix that simply eliminates years of exposure to toxins, pollution and stress. COLLAGENIZING® is not a Makeup, it is an extracellular matrix repair system that does not wash off or fade, but works subcutaneously to restore the Beauty from the Inside without you knowing it.  


Living tissues are not just accumulations of cells. Much of a tissue’s volume is made up of extracellular space filled with a dynamic, physiologically active meshwork called the extracellular matrix, a component of all living connective tissues. In addition to providing structural support for the cells embedded within a tissue, the extracellular matrix determines critically how a tissue looks and functions. The extracellular matrix also regulates processes by controlling cell communication. Its constituents are proteoglycans, water, minerals, and fibrous proteins. A proteoglycan is composed of a protein core surrounded by long chains of starch-like molecules called glycosaminoglycans.



Collagen is a strong, stretch-resistant fibrous protein that provides tensile strength to tissues and is the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen is the principle constituent of the tendons and ligaments and its deficiency manifests visibly as aging skin.


Elastin is an elastic and resilient protein. Much like a rubber band, elastin permits tissues to return to their original shape after they’ve been stretched. Ultraviolet light from sun exposure damages elastin fibers and interferes with their reconstruction, which results in the sagging and wrinkling seen of skin.

Sodium hyaluronate is a biological polysaccharide which is distributed widely in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue in the skin and protects it from friction and abrasion.


In an aging tissue, collagen fibers are frequently – inappropriately – cross-linked through glycation (high sugar consumption induced skin aging), via byproducts of lipid oxidation and through exposure to UV light (lifestyle). The combination of elevated and inappropriate collagen cross-linking contributes to tissue stiffening so that an aged tissue is mechanically weaker and less elastic but also more rigid than a young tissue.

Glycation induced skin aging effects include age spots, hyperpigmentaion, wrinkles, hardness of skin, dull and uneven skin tone, sagging and bagging, inflammation and depletion of collagen – in short: skin asking for rejuvenation. These symptoms have been directly linked to blood sugar levels.

Toxins and Pollution are other deleterious influencers of the extracellular matrix, which is one of the major detoxification organs. When the extracellular matrix becomes too acidic (as an effect of glycation), the transport of nutrients and waste through the extracellular matrix is negatively affected. Accumulation of metals also impairs its function.

It follows that whatever substances we bring into the skin may have very complex short- and long-term effects on the whole body through the extracellular matrix. Nutritional minerals have a normalizing effect on the extracellular matrix. This is important since blood does not have a direct line into the cell. Rather, the nutrients carried by the blood have to move through the extracellular matrix to reach the cells. Evidently, the appearance of skin reveals a lot more than beauty and age – it is a mirror of overall vitality and health of an individual.

An instantly visible skin improvement advocates the infusion of the main connective tissue constituents Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronate. However there is one major impediment: all these substrates are characterized by very high molecular weight, so that these cannot penetrate the corneum stratum (the outermost layer of the skin) to reach the dermis. One means to transport these substances into the dermis is by injection through needles, but the injected substance is not readily dispersed and to obtain a pleasing cosmetic result, a multitude of injections are called for. Other common aesthetic instruments or devices like Lasers, RF, Ultrasound, TENS or Iontophoresis cannot deliver these essential substrates deep enough to be effective.

COLLAGENIZING® is a method based on Biophysical rather than mechanical or chemical principles, to deliver heavy molecular substrates deep into the skin where they are needed, without Needles and the consequential discomfort. Predictive Permeation is using electro-magnetic energy delivered via topically applied probes that virtually guarantee a homogeneous delivery of substances to where they are needed: Face, Neck, Hands, Décolleté, or anywhere on the Body. The method works by briefly applying an electric field to a living cell that causes a transient permeability in the cell’s outer membrane. During a controlled train of pulses, skin resistance drops by as much as three orders of magnitude within microseconds. This alteration in skin resistance exhibits either complete or partial reversibility within minutes or longer. The burst-pulse delivery for this purpose, consisting in a controlled electrical pulses delivery that causes “intercellular gates” in the dermis cells allowing the transdermal passage of moleculesThe method can deliver micro- and macromolecular ionic water-based substances into the dermis and hypodermis. Clinical trials have shown that up to 90% of delivered substrates resides at the depth of delivery without migration for over 30 days.

For increased effectiveness COLLAGENIZING® procedures are preceded by the removal of dead skin at the corneum stratum by mechanical or manual means (Microdermabrasion or scrub) which also removes toxins and pollutants and increases vascularization.

COLLAGENIZING® is designed to restore optimal functionality of the extracellular matrix and to deliver immediate, visible and measurable cosmetic improvement on any treated skin tissue. Multiple treatments in weekly intervals yield optimal sustained results in about 5 weeks and thereafter monthly treatments are recommended. Our substrates use no toxic ingredients and vitamins and minerals can be transdermally delivered according to the customer’s specific needs


The functional principles of our proprietary Predictive Permeation technology became subject of Studies from 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry Laureates Professors Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon on the structure and operation of ion channels, opened the pathway to prove the possibility to use one among the most fascinating characteristic of the human dermis: the “Hydro-electrophores”, that is, those water based channel that open up between cells due to physical, vibratory, mechanical, chemical and nervous effects in a very spontaneous way and in such a manner to let the “external world” to be able to communicate with the interior universe.

These water-based gates could open up about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 times per day.