The biophysical alternative to pain and needles in skin rejuvenation.

Everyone dreams to look beautiful “au naturel”, and free from artificial enhancements, with simply the reflectance of great health and vitality.

It is the reason why Collagenizing® has been designed to basically enhance the natural characteristic of the individual.

This technology obviously goes well beyond putting on substances of cover and colors superficially, it works from the inside-out, like an “extracellular matrix” repair system that does not wash-off or fade restoring the beauty from the inside.

The instant visible skin improvement advocates the infusion of the main connective tissue constituents Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronate.

However, the very high molecule weight is a major impediment for the penetration into the skin.

One means to transport these substances into the dermis is by injection through needles, but the injected substance is not readily dispersed and to obtain a pleasing cosmetic result, a multitude of injections are called for.

Other common aesthetics device like laser or ultra sound cannot deliver these substrates deep enough to be effective.

Predictive Permeation™ is a method using electro-magnetic energy delivered via topically applied probe that virtually guarantee a homogeneous penetration of these heavy molecular subtracts deep into the skin where they are needed, without needles and the consequential discomfort.

Clinical trials have shown that up to 90% of delivered substrates resides at the depth of delivery without migration for over 30 days.

Multiple treatments in weekly intervals yield optimal sustained results in about 5 weeks and thereafter-monthly treatments are recommended.

Our technology became subject of studies from 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

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