Collagenizing® or PREDICTIVE PERMEATION is FDA cleared as the only Biophysical alternative to injection in skin rejuvenation :

1) Collagenizing has been designed to basically enhance the natural characteristic of the individual : this technology is the only one providing a work from the inside-out, like an “extracellular matrix” repair system that does not wash-off or fade,  restoring the beauty from the inside.

2) The instant visible skin improvement advocates the infusion of the main connective tissue constituents Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronate : Clinical trials have shown that up to 90% of delivered substrates resides at the depth of delivery without migration for over 30 days.

3) Predictive permeation is a one-of-a kind method using electro-magnetic energy delivered via topically applied probe, that virtually guarantee a homogeneous penetration of these heavy molecular subtracts deep into the skin where they are needed .

FDA approved technology

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