Our philosophy

             For thirty years, Heinz GISEL traveled the world innovating cutting-edge medical technology and providing doctors with new instruments to treat illness.

As the CEO of medical laser companies, he learned that funding disease fighting technology was difficult, but not for devices used in elective procedures, plastic surgery, aesthetic treatment and vision correction.

He observed that many people seeking such treatments would be better served rejuvenated from the cellular level.

But most people don’t know how to reach their longevity goals and aesthetic ambitions, because conventional Health-care diagnostics measures disease symptoms without analyzing the cause.

Gisel invested years into cell-resonant nutrition research and aesthetic technology development, to provide individuals with instantly applicable information about their Biological Age VS Chronological Age and science-based Recommendations on reaching their Vanity and Longevity Goals sustainably in the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately, in most cases, people will not durably change their lifestyle to reach their goals…so systems had to be developed to match Remediation with a specific Lifestyle.
Thus the COLLAGENIZING® methodology was born, backed by the breathtaking PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™ technology and its medical grade formulas, the first non-invasive treatment able to rejuvenate from the matrix cell our complete skin. To helps us to get the best version of ourselves.

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