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The Uniqueness of Collagenizer NEO™

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, using an FDA cleared technology, having the European CE Mark , versatile & handheld, Collagenizer NEO™ is the exclusive and proprietary fourth generation of a unique needle-free approach for a growing range of procedures where sub-dermal delivery of serums, medicines and other topical treatments is key.

CNeo device

How does the Collagenizer® Treatment work

COLLAGENIZING® is the carefully designed and time proven scientific answer to this dream of getting the best version of ourselves, at anytime, any ages, and everywhere no matter what.

Fouth generation of a breathtaking technology, the COLLAGENIZER®  device has been miniaturized into a portable system now  available for the first time since its creation,  to aesthetic purposes in clinics and beauty spas.

With the COLLAGENIZING® we deliver skin results. We have an unique approach of restoration with ingredients curated by nature, a breakthrough technology harnessed by science and our custom non-invasive techniques.

The clients will not only feel revived and invigorated, they will instantly notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles, a refined skin elasticity, re-sculpted tissue lift and a noticeably youthful appearance.

predictive permeation technology face treatment

The COLLAGENIZER Neo® is a Class 1 medical device that enhances the absorption of cosmetic substances into the skin through special pulsed currents delivered on the client. A further mechanical vibration, synchronized with the electrical pulses delivery, decreases the perception of the electricity on the patient’s skin.

The device is equipped with a skin impedance monitor whose value is displayed by a LED bar. This monitor is very useful as the efficiency of the transfer process is strongly affected by skin impedance. The continuous monitoring of such impedance allows the operator to keep under control one of the most important parameters of the process.

The Collagenizing® Treatment

The COLLAGENIZER ® features the proprietary technology of PREDICTIVE PERMEATION™, the Biophysical Alternative to Pain and Needles in Skin Rejuvenation

COLLAGENIZING® is a method based on Biophysical rather than mechanical or chemical principles, to deliver heavy molecular substrates deep into the skin where they are needed, without Needles and the consequential discomfort.

The COLLAGENIZER ® delivers non-invasive, instant and long-lasting effects. Moreover, macromolecules like collagen can be delivered for the first time!

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